Liberty and Justice For All

The 2019-2020 Harding High School Chamber Choir performing "Liberty and Justice For All" from the Justice Choir Songbook.

Paulo Gladney, solo
Triston Yang, videography


My Dad the Mekong/Love Forever

Harding High School and Augsburg University joined forces to present the world premiere of '“My Dad the Mekong/Love Forever” a bilingual piece in Hmong and English for two choirs. The work was written by Elliot Z. Levine with poems by Peter Yang and Lee Her. For more information about the work and process, check out my blog post about it.


Harding Idol 2019

Every year, Tri-M hosts "Harding Idol" - a singing competition consisting of three rounds of music, culminating in an exciting live performance. As the co-host, I was in charge of helping students pick repertoire and walk them through the process of preparing a piece of music. The following clip is taken from the 2019 Harding Idol Commercial.


Take Me Home
arr. Roger Emerson

Last year, we were the inaugural choir for the @choirbaton instagram. @choirbaton aims to connect educators across the world through videos and photos of a day in their life. We got to “hold the baton” and share the (chaotic) fun we have every day.


Collaboration with ARTEMIS

In the spring of 2018, ARTEMIS - a women’s ensemble focused on music by living composers - came to work with Bella Voce. The workshop culminated in a performance of “Moving Force”, which was written by a member of the group.


Just Can't Wait To Be King

Animal Encounters is a week long summer camp through Ashland Productions. During the week, students in grade K-6 learned a variety of Disney songs about animals and added elements of singing, dance and theater. The focus of the camp was to teach students about the elements of teacher and it culminated in a final showcase for family and community members.


Dream Keeper

ComMUSICation is an organization based on the El Sistema model based in St. Paul, MN. We work with students in the St. Paul Promise Neighborhood (SPPN) and bring high level education. This video is a clip of "Dream Keeper" by Rollo Dilworth in collaboration with Prelude, a branch of the Minnesota Chorale's children's choir.


Uptown Funk - Bucket Drums

This is a video of a performance done by 6th graders on bucket drums. These high tech Menards bucket were played using drumsticks (sanded dowel rods) and with student input, we created a rhythmic accompaniment to "Uptown Funk" by Bruno Mars. Disclaimer: the dance moves are all 6th grade magic.


Lusty Month of May

Shakopee High School presented the classic musical CAMELOT back in 2015. In this rehearsal clip, you can hear a chunk of the Lusty Month of May. Much of my work with this was rehearsing the choral background as well as doing a significant amount of work with the soloist.