Natalia Romero
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I consider myself a teaching artist: it is in pursuit of opportunities to collaborate and create that I am my best self. My favorite projects are those drawn from communal experiences that directly engage audiences.
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I live in two very different worlds;

As a friend once said to me “classical music is my love, but musical theater is my mistress”. I work primarily as a classical soprano and can be found singing with Border CrosSing, imPulse, and the VocalEssence Ensemble Singers. I thrive in musical communities that explore culturally relevant repertoire and think outside the choral box. I take pride in my ability to adapt in style and repertoire and especially love Latin and South American folk music.

Outside of classical music, I am a theater artist. I spend my summers leading musical theater camps with kids and love the intersection of emotion and text that is so unique to musical theater. I’ve worked as a music director and a vocal director with many kinds of groups, but I am especially happy when I get to work with teenagers. I bring a strong knowledge of Bel Canto singing as well as contemporary musical theater skills and walk into every rehearsal ready to help all singers find their healthiest voice.


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