Natalia Romero
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I believe the best learning happens when students feel safe and seen. In my classroom, we celebrate our differences and explore the perspectives that make us who we are.
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My experience as an educator has been wide ranging.

I have experience teaching the full scope of K-12 Vocal and Classroom music, enjoying the challenges and joys of every developmental stage. I am experienced in collaborative technology, data collection, as well as best practice methods in Orff, Dalcroze and Kodaly methodology. I am trained in International Baccalaureate (IB DP and MYP DP), and am a Highly Qualified teacher with K-12 licensure in Minnesota. By continually seeking out professional development opportunities, I have earned certifications in Responsive Classroom, and Non-Violent Crisis Intervention.

I firmly believe that my role as a music educator is to empower and engage singers of all backgrounds. In my classroom, we laugh, we listen and we share. My curriculum is drawn from the backgrounds of my students and their communities and connect Bel Canto technique to contemporary music practice.

As an immigrant from Colombia, I am deeply passionate about giving back and working with immigrant communities and with underserved student populations utilizing musical theater and choir as tools for outreach and enrichment. As the choir director at Harding High School, I have continued that passion by creating partnerships with Cretin-Derham Hall, Augsburg University and VocalEssence. 


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