Meet Natalia

Originally from Colombia, Natalia Romero Arbeláez is an experienced performer, educator and musician. As an educator, she thrives in the intersection of contemporary music education and culturally relevant teaching. She is passionate about equity and musical citizenship in her classroom and performing practices.


Natalia's strength lies in her ability to connect and engage learners across all settings, although she is particularly fond of teaching teenagers. Natalia works full time as the Choir Director at Harding Senior High School (located in St. Paul, MN) but freelances around the Twin Cities as a soprano and music director with youth theaters.

Natalia is an active performer. She can be found singing with the VocalEssence Ensemble Singers, and Border CrosSing, and St. Paul’s Episcopal Choir where she serves as the Treble II Lay Clerk.

Natalia holds a Bachelor of Music from Saint Olaf College and is currently pursuing a Master of Music Education at the University of Saint Thomas.