You Will Be Found

Things to think about today: I've heard some comments in the news and hallways that have left me alarmed and anxious. I took time to let students know that they were loved, respected and celebrated as the intersectional, complex humans they were. I sang them "You Will Be Found" and then played "Found/Tonight" and has students reflect about a time they'd felt found or seen. Lots of tears, lots of hugs, lots of kids telling me they needed to hear that and that they knew the choir room was a place for them. We took time to talk about music as a universal language and sang a beautiful round with the text of the Hebrew call to worship in remembrance of the lives lost at the Tree of Life synagogue.

It's hard to have those conversations and I'm emotionally exhausted from today. That being said, I'm thankful every day for the kindness and thoughtfulness of my students and the fact that I work at a place where we can have those conversations.

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