Why are you here?

I survived week 1. I am exhausted.

I start every school year by writing “Why are you here?” on the board and having students fill out a notecard telling me why they’re in my class and taping it on the board. I love learning why kids are in my class - the overwhelming majority this year said “I LOVE TO SING” but it’s good to know who was placed in my class, who wants to learn something specific, etc.

Here’s a few of the comments:

  • I am here to learn something new.

  • I’m here because I need an art elective.

  • I want to be advanced in my singing.

  • To distract myself.

  • I love to sing.

  • I’m here to connect to music again. I like to sing.

  • I’m here to sing and have fun.

  • I’m here because I want to improve my singing.

  • I like to sing.

  • I’m here because choir I like choir!

  • I’m here because Chamber Choir is a family I’m part of. I love singing.

  • I’m here because I like piano and I want to push myself to get better.

  • I am here because I like to play the piano dn I also like music.

and my favorite…

  • I TA this hour.

Oh the honesty of teenagers! Did I mention I’m EXHAUSTED??