Summer Theater Camps

What a summer! I have had a summer full of travel - both for fun, and for school.

Here's a list of places I've traveled to, organized from cold to hot:

- Laramie, Wyoming
- Denver, Colorado
- Madison, Wisconsin
- Santa Fe, New Mexico
- Albuquerque, New Mexico
- Austin, Texas

(and in two weeks - AUSTRALIA. I am READY).

Amidst all these travels, I've done what I love doing most during my summers - Musical Theater Camps. This year, I worked with Merrill Community Arts Center for their Summer Sizzle series and I'm wrapping up at the Guthrie Theater for the High School Musical Theater Experience.

I LOVE summer theater camps. It's such a fun way to engage with students across all abilities and age levels and spend two weeks teaching healthy singing and goofing around. I've been especially grateful to work with the Guthrie. It's truly humbling to see the work of the other Teaching Artists around me. They are masters of their craft and it's been a privilege to sit in their classes and see the work they're doing. We wrap up this week with a final performance on the Wurtele Thrust Stage and I'm really looking forward to seeing all the student work come to fruition.