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I am SO excited to share the conversation Beth Philemon and I had a few months ago. If you don’t know Beth, you are missing out. She is a powerhouse of an educator, innovative in her classroom, leads beautiful choirs AND is such a warm human being. (How do some people do it all?). We had such a wonderful time talking about the commission between Harding and Augsburg, my work at Harding and my story as an immigrant. Give it a listen on iTunes or Stitcher.

I’m attaching what she wrote below…


Episode 12 with Natalia Romero
@natinotes | @hardingchoir

I know I say this about every episode but you must listen to Natalia's story. As a Columbian born educator, you'll hear her perspective as an immigrant in America. As a high school educator to a large Hmong student population, you'll hear her perspective of commissioning a piece in Hmong for her students to learn and sing in conjunction with a local university choir. As a performer, you'll hear her talk about the work of BorderCrossing, a Twin Cities choir whose mission is to "integrate historically-segregated audiences and musicians through the performance of choral music."

Natalia is an "OG" ChoirBaton member, she actually was the second person to hold @choirbaton over a year ago when we began. I met someone recently who was in school with Natalia at St. Olaf and when I mentioned I knew her they lit up and replied, "oh she's brilliant!" Natalia and I have never met in person, only through the beauty that is the internet, but I smile when I think of that story because in the time and unique way in which I've gotten to know Natalia, I undoubtedly agree.

Thank you, Natalia for being a great Choir Baton supporter and guest on this week's podcast!

Friends, also note that I mispoke in the end audio for where to find Natalia online. You can find her info at the top of this post or in the show notes of the podcast on iTunes or Stitcher.

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